Catering Packaging

Refined oils for restaurant and catering establishments

Freeline-vegetableoils offers a wide range of high quality packaged edible oils for the restaurant and catering industry, or other large packing users. For refined vegetable oils we have the following packaging options available:

HDPE Jerry Cans: 5 Ltr / 10 Ltr / 17 Ltr / 20 Ltr / 25 Ltr

Taking into consideration that transport in many cases is long, heavy and often expensive, the cans we offer are strong and very solid. Both transparent and yellow colors are available in different sizes and each jerry can contains a special heat sealed sealing membrane just under the lid. The handle you will find on top of the cans. The cans are loosely stacked into standard 20 ft containers. Only the 5 Litre can is supplied in a strong export carton (4x5ltr).

Tin Cans: 5 Ltr / 10 Ltr / 15 Ltr / 20 Ltr

Freeline-Vegetableoils provides refined edible oils in tin cans for large packing users. Both square and cylindrical tin cans are available in different sizes. This packaging option is offering you a robust package ideal for cost effective transport and distribution and are 100% recyclable.

Can-in-Box 15 Ltr / 20 Ltr

In 2002, we included in our range the so called Can-in-Box packing which is an environmentally friendly packaging format for liquids. It is an easy-to-use and easy-to-dispose-of liquid package which maximizes cost savings compared to alternative packaging. Furthermore, this can-in-box packaging can help you achieve a real competitive advantage through high brand recognition with printing options on all sides of the carton.


Our mayonnaise is available in 5 litre buckets  packed per 2 or 4 buckets in strong export cartons.


Our margarine is packed in 4,5 and 10 kg buckets and 15 kg cartons.