Bulk Packaging

Bulk refined oils

Freeline-Vegetableoils is a major supplier of high quality vegetable oils in bulk to food processors. For those who prefer to load volume, we offer vegetable oils in drums, IBC’s, tank containers and flexi tanks.

Steel Drums/Plastic drums: 210 Ltr

Steel drums are easy to handle, often used by end users who do not have large storage facilities. Our closed-head steel drums have a standardized bunghole arrangement, with one inch and two inch threaded bunghole on opposite sides of the top head.

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC): 600 Ltr / 1000 Ltr

Customers looking for a more efficient container for large quantities of vegetable oils should turn to intermediate bulk containers (IBC). IBCs decrease customer costs through reduced handling, storage space and shipping expenses. They are easy to use, transport and recycle. Our standard IBC includes a high-density polyethylene bottle in a solid reinforced steel cage that is attached to a wooden, plastic or steel pallet.

Tank Containers: 22-23 MT

For those who prefer to load volume, we are able to supply a wide range of edible oils and fats in ISO tank containers. We own a large number of tanks which are used for edible oils only. Our tanks are provided with steam or electrical heating and isolation for vegetable oils and fats.

Flexi Tank: 22-23 MT

As an alternative to tank containers, Vegetable Oils offers a wide range of vegetable oils in Flexi Tanks which is the most economical bulk packaging method for shipping edible oils.  This one-way 23.000 Litre bag can be put into a normal 20 ft container and removed after unloading.